About Us

Business Perspectives is the place for The Open University Business School community of practising global managers, whether student, alumnus, corporate connection, or new to the School, to share their perspectives on current business matters with each other and with our academic and research staff.

Care Leadership is our current theme and some exciting conversations await (our previous topics having been Strategy, Innovation, Leadership, Change Management, Strategic Marketing, Financial Management, Trust, Management Now, Age at Work, Intercultural Working and Systems Thinking). We’ll be sinking our teeth into ‘Is Organisation the Place for Care?’ and have some exciting industry leaders who will share their thoughts and experiences with us. We look forward to some inspiring dialogue between our community and their network of organisations, to discover more about this area of business.

If you are interested in exploring a broader range of subjects and joining the informal learning community, please visit OpenLearn where you can access a world of exciting free learning materials.